Managing People and Assets

Auspace brings together the right mix of cellular and satellite devices and services required for the management of your people and assets.

FSM Solutions

Providing a platform for organisational assurance and productivity efficiencies,

by enabling systems for the integrated management of lone workers,

vehicles and other assets.

Why choose AUSPACE?

The cost based distinctions between cellular and satellite technologies continue to blur, with the appropriate emphasis increasingly being how to combine and exploit the respective strengths, rather than how to exclusively select one or the other.

AUSPACE and Your Business

A key application of the Auspace Gateway™ is to combine existing cellular fleet tracking systems with satellite based tracking systems in order to provide 100% visibility of all remote workers at all times.

OHS Laws and your Business

Statutory regulations for environmental management and work safety have created new requirements for real time information in order to support continuous operations and effective asset utilisation.