Without Compromise

Field Service Management (M2M/FSM)

An important feature of the Auspace Gateway™ is the ability to combine existing cellular or legacy fleet tracking systems, with satellite capability, in order to provide 100% visability of all remote workers and assets at all times. 


This holistic view of the fleet provides compliance with the finalised Safework Australia Code of Practice, Dec 2011. Such visibility cannot be provided by existing cellular platforms, yet these platforms are typically the backbone of existing field service management infrastructure. Where a cellular or legacy platform is already in place, these solutions cannot be trivially replaced, much less duplicated, as is usually required by typical "single box" dual mode approaches.

Bringing together the right mix of satellite and cellular devices and services.

The Auspace solution solves this dilemma by bringing together the right mix of satellite and cellular devices and services required for the management of your people and assets. The Auspace Gateway™ converges tracking products from multiple vendors to create a homogeneous operating environment that delivers the strengths of each. This enables Auspace to deliver "dual mode" fleet services that fulfil both field service management and journey management objectives without compromise.

How should your organisation respond to a distress alert or other crisis in the field? Auspace has partnered with Australasia's premier provider of personnel recovery services in order to provide this capability. Your people can be monitored 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and when a distress alert is raised, the situation can first be qualified, prior to enacting recovery by the most expedient means in accordance with your pre-established protocol.

The ability to tailor the right mix of technologies for your business requirements; backed by best in class OEM products and dedicated monitoring and recovery, represents a unique combined capability.